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Tags: cmake nodebug valgrind waf
Project: hex
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cmake nodebug valgrind waf
Jeppe Pihl
fix nodebug
  • hex-mac1014_64-cmake: updating -  stdio
  • hex-debian10_64-cxx_clang60_x64-valgrind: updating -  stdio
  • hex-debian10_64-cxx_clang60_x64-py27_x64: updating -  stdio
  • hex-debian10_64-cxx_clang_thread_sanitizer_x64-py27_x64: updating -  stdio
  • hex-debian10_64-cxx_gxx82_x64-py27_x64: updating -  stdio
  • hex-ios84-cxx_ios70_apple_llvm_arm64-py27_x64: updating -  stdio
  • hex-ios84-cxx_ios70_apple_llvm_armv7-py27_x64: updating -  stdio
  • hex-openwrt_arm_vm-cxx_openwrt_gxx73_armv7-py27_x64: updating -  stdio
  • hex-raspbian9-cxx_gxx63_armv7-py27_x64: updating -  stdio
Jeppe Pihl
Merge pull request #16 from steinwurf/add-install-step-to-cmake

added install step to cmake
Jeppe Pihl
added install step to cmake
  • hex-nodebug: waf configure failed -  stdio
  • hex-android71-cxx_android5_clang70_arm64-py27_x64: waf run_tests failed -  stdio
  • hex-android71-cxx_android5_clang70_armv7-py27_x64: waf run_tests failed -  stdio
Jeppe Pihl
Preparing to create tag 4.4.0
Jeppe Pihl
lowered cmake version requirement
Jeppe Pihl
Update README.rst
Peter Vingelmann
Add travis
Jeppe Pihl
Preparing to create tag 4.3.0
Jeppe Pihl
Merge pull request #15 from steinwurf/improve-cmake

improve cmake
Jeppe Pihl
fix buildbot.py