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Tags: astyle coverage valgrind waf
Project: petro
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astyle coverage valgrind waf
Peter Vingelmann
Preparing to create tag 8.0.1
Peter Vingelmann
Disable install_path for shared lib
Jeppe Pihl
Preparing to create tag 8.0.0
Jeppe Pihl
Major refactor (#27)

* Major: Added error codes.
* Major: ``bit_reader`` renamed to ``bit_stream``.
* Major: ``byte_stream`` was replaced by a wrapper of an ``endian::reader``.
* Major: The ``extractor``\ s open function now takes an error code and doesn't
  rely on the returned boolean to announce the occurrence of an error.
* Major: ``sequence_parameter_set`` and ``picture_parameter_set`` now needs to
  be parsed.
* Major: Changed constructor parameters of ``box``.
* Major: Renamed ``data_box::read`` to ``data_box::parse``.
* Major: Split ``box`` into two classes; ``box::box`` and ``box::data_box``.
Jeppe Pihl
improve parser api 2
Jeppe Pihl
improve parser api
Jeppe Pihl
update news
Jeppe Pihl
fix style
Jeppe Pihl
fix signed golomb
Jeppe Pihl
fix missing include
  • petro-astyle: astyle.check_code failed -  stdio
  • petro-win7_64-cxx_msvc14_x64-py27_x64: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (16)
  • petro-win7_64-cxx_msvc14_x86-py27_x86: waf build failed -  stdiowarnings (16)